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Raspberries, Cream & Granola

Raspberries, Cream & Granola

Top off fresh raspberries and cream with Fieldstone Bakery Premium Granola to provide the perfect amount of savory crunch to a sweet treat! Or, simply pair a 1 grain granola packet with a fruit cup for a delightful on-the-go breakfast. Each 1 grain granola packet has 17 grams of whole grain oats that meet 35/10/35 and USDA Smart Snack school guidelines!


    • Fieldstone Bakery Premium Granola – 1 Grain Pack
    • Raspberries
    • Whipped Cream


      1. Grab a glass bowl so that the layers can be seen and appreciated.
      2. Pour in a healthy serving of raspberries.
      3. Layer whipped cream over the foundation of berries.
      4. Open your Fieldstone Bakery Premium Granola – 1 Grain Pack and sprinkle it over the whipped cream.
      5. Finish by putting a raspberry on top!