Football Gingerbread Men | Fieldstone Bakery
Football Gingerbread Men

Football Gingerbread Men


  • Icing in the colors of your choosing. We used Wilton Decorating Icing Pouches because they are premixed and came in piping bags that you can add tips to make icing easier.
  • 2 small round piping tips for the eyes, the faceguard lines on the helmet, and the numbers on the jersey.
  • Fieldstone Bakery’s Gingerbread


  • Start with the two thin, white lines of the faceguard using the small round piping tip. Make a half-moon shape around the top of the head to create the helmet.
  • Choose a color to spread on the jersey, leaving the tips of the Gingerbread’s hands unfrosted.
  • Then spread on the white pants, leaving the tips of the Gingerbread’s feet unfrosted.
  • Using the small round tip from earlier, add a white number to the jersey.
  • Then using the second small round tip, add two black eyes.