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Every Kid Healthy Week

Every Kid Healthy Week

Every Kid Healthy Week is April 20th-24th, and Fieldstone wants to inspire families to celebrate the wellness of the children during this week, and always. Traditionally observed in the school setting, Every Kid Healthy Week is a great thing to participate in anywhere! We encourage eating right, staying active, and teaching children these good habits early on. During this special week as we focus on kids’ health, we want to encourage everyone to spread the word on how they can support children in all areas of wellness, and have a lot of fun in the process.

April 20th– Mindfulness Monday:

Use today to plan your meals for the entire week to ensure a great start. Breakfast is an important part of the day and breakfast is a Slam Dunk with the FastStart Breakfast Bar from Fieldstone dipped in your favorite strawberry yogurt! Made with whole grain, filled with Apple Cinnamon or Strawberry and USDA Smart Snack approved. Be mindful to drink plenty of water and really savor the taste of that favorite treat!

April 21st– Tasty Tuesday:

Tasty Tuesday is all about good food choices and nutrition. Talk to your children about the importance of making health-conscious decisions about food, and how eating well contributes profoundly to overall wellness. Why not celebrate this Tasty Tuesday by prepping and cooking a healthy dinner as a family? Then you can try our Banana Split with a Twist for dessert! Check out the recipe here.

April 22nd– Wellness Wednesday:

Wednesday of Every Kid Healthy Week is Wellness Wednesday. Today you and your children can explore the importance of wellness, and how the choices you make on a daily basis impact your overall health. One great way to instill healthy habits is to teach your kids how to make good snack choices. Move over, potato chips, there’s a new and better snack in town – crunchy, tasty Fieldstone Granola! Check out our easy parfait recipes here. Let your kids have fun putting together and enjoying these tasty snacks in observance of Wellness Wednesday!

April 23rd– Thoughtfulness Thursday:

It’s so important to teach our children how to be thoughtful and kind. On this Thoughtfulness Thursday, we suggest an activity you can do with your kids to show them how great it feels to do bring a smile to someone. With our Smiling Daisy Delights recipe, by adding fruit, you can make a fun, springtime daisy delight to give to a friend or family member.

April 24th– Fitness Friday:

We all know how important it is to stay active! Moving our bodies works wonders for our physical wellness as well as our mental health. So for this Fitness Friday, TOTALLY! get up and get moving! Go for a bike ride, a walk around the neighborhood, or even a fun hike in the woods. After you get moving, you can follow up your activity with a delicious TOTALLY Apple Cinnamon Bar dipped in your favorite apple sauce or yogurt. Work up an appetite, then meet it with a tasty snack you can feel good about!

However you spend your week with your family, we hope you enjoy time together creating memories and healthy habits. At Fieldstone, we really believe in the power of mindfulness, healthy eating, and staying physically active. We want to wish you and yours a happy Every Kid Healthy Week, and we hope some of our tips make it onto your calendars! If you need supplies for making our treats at home, shop our online store here, and stock up on everything you need.