Christmas Tree Brownies | Fieldstone Bakery
Christmas Tree Brownies

Christmas Tree Brownies

Looking for a festive and delicious holiday dessert? These Christmas Tree Brownies are the perfect way to show off your spirit! Fieldstone Bakery Fudge Brownies are the perfect base for this tasty treat, and adding frosting as well as a few candy decorations is simple and fun. Not only do they look impressive, but they taste amazing too! So if you’re looking for a festive dessert that is sure to impress, this recipe is our gift to you.


  • Fieldstone Bakery Fudge Brownies
  • Green Decorative Icing
  • White Chocolate Melting Disks
  • Round Brown Sprinkles
  • Edible Decorative Pearls



  1. Warm up your white chocolate melting disks.
  2. Open and break apart the Fieldstone Bakery Fudge Brownies into individual squares.
  3. Dip the bottom third of each square into the melted white chocolate disks.