Bee Wild Fudge Drizzle Rolls | Fieldstone Bakery
Bee Wild Fudge Drizzle Rolls

Bee Wild Fudge Drizzle Rolls


  • Fieldstone® Bakery Fudge Drizzle Roll
  • Gum Paste
  • Edible Adhesive
  • Gum Paste Cutting and Ball Tool
  • Rolling Pin
  • Tylose Powder (in case your gum paste becomes too sticky from adding color)
  • Food Dye (your choice of colors)
  • Butter Creme Frosting
  • Toothpicks
  • Frosting Piping Bags and Drop Flower Tips


  • The night before piping the flowers, you’ll create the gum paste bumblebees.
    • Break-off two portions of the gum paste. In one, knead yellow food coloring to the desired color. In the other, knead brown or black to the desired saturation. Keep the gum paste covered while not in use as it hardens quickly.
    • Using the yellow gum paste, break off small pieces, roll into a ball, then roll the ball into a cylinder. You’ll want the cylinder to be a little rounded and about half an inch long. Using your fingernail, make a sideways crescent moon on one end of the yellow cylinder. This is your bee’s smile. Set aside to harden.
    • Using a rolling pin, flatten the brown gum paste. It should be very thin. Using a blade, cut thin strips to make your bee’s stripes. Using the edible adhesive, wrap the strip of brown gum paste onto the yellow bee body. Each bee gets two stripes. Roll little balls of the brown gum paste to create the eyes. Stick to the bee body using the adhesive.
    • Break off one more portion of gum paste. This will stay white and will be used for the wings. Break off smaller chunks and roll them into balls. Place the balls on a table and using a gum paste ball tool, press a dent into each of the white balls. Make two wings for each bee and adhere using the edible glue.
    • Allow to harden for 8 hours.
  • Once the bumblebees have hardened, you can begin decorating the Fudge Drizzle Rolls. Mix your various frosting colors and place into piping bags with your chosen frosting tips.
  • Unwrap a Fieldstone Fudge Drizzle Roll. Pipe onto it a variety of sizes and colors of drop flowers and/or dots.
  • Gently place a toothpick into one of your gum paste bees and place on to the decorated Fudge Drizzle Roll.